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What Do You Wear?

What Do You Wear?

Taro Gomi
Board Book
For ages 2 to 4
Chronicle Books, 2017   ISBN: 978-1452150284

Often, in books for young children, animal characters are clad in human clothes. The sight of Peter Rabbit wearing his little blue coat, and Babar the elephant wearing his elegant green suit is comforting on some level. Then there are illustrations where the fur, wool, feathers, and fins that animals naturally have are presented in such a way that the animals look like they are wearing items of clothing, which can be very amusing for young children.

In this simple yet engaging little board book, Taro Gomi presents us with pictures of seven animals, all of whom are clad in their own all-natural ‘clothing.’ The funny thing is that when we read his little prompts we can see that these animals really do look as if they are wearing clothes.

For example, next to Taro Gomi’s illustration of a sheep are the words “Sheep wears a fluffy jacket” and the sheep really does look as if it is clad in a thick, warm, coat. Further along in the book is a painting of a goldfish whose colorful flowing tail makes it look as if it is wearing a “tie-dye skirt.” A penguin, naturally, is wearing a “classic suit” minus the bow tie, and there is no doubt that the zebra really does look like it is wearing “striped pajamas.”

Children are going to enjoy exploring this little book, which encourages them to look at animals in a new way. They will love the surprise ending too.