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What’s Wrong Little Pookie?

What’s Wrong Little Pookie?

Sandra Boynton
For ages 2 to 4
Random House, 2007   ISBN: 978-0375845529

Pookie’s loving mother has seen that he is upset. He is crying after all and she knows that something must be bothering him. So, being the good mother that she is, she does her best to try to figure out what is wrong. The problem is that Pookie is not willing or not able to tell her what is troubling him so she has to guess. All Pookie has to do is to “say no or yes.”

So Pookie’s mother tries to figure out what could be making her little piggy boy unhappy. Is he cold or hungry or thirsty? Is he sick or tired? No he is none of these things. After she covers all the everyday possibilities Pookie’s mother moves on to some less likely ones which Pookie tells her are “silly” but she perseveres. Will this brave soul ever find out what is bothering her troubled youngster?

In this delightfully charming and often funny little book a mother pig’s love for her unhappy piglet is perfectly captured by the rhyming text and amusing illustrations. Not only do we hear the mother’s questions but we also hear her son’s brief little responses as well, which are just the kinds of comebacks one would expect a child to give.

This is the kind of book both children and their parents will appreciate and enjoy.