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Welcome to the Bed and Biscuit

Welcome to the Bed and Biscuit

Joan Carris
Illustrator:  Noah Z. Jones 
Fiction  Series
For ages 6 to 10
Candlewick Press, 2006   ISBN: 978-0763621513

Dr. Bender runs the Bed and Biscuit animal boarding house. To help him he has Ernest the mini pig, Milly the cat, and Gabby the mynah bird. These pets are devoted to Dr. Bender so when he comes home one day with a mysterious bundle and thereafter pays little attention to them, they become very upset. What could possibly be wrapped up in the bundle and why is Dr. Bender so fixated on it?

Ernest decides that the best thing to do is to try to keep everyone’s spirits up and to help Dr. Bender as best he can. He also begins to put together clues about the mysterious bundle which Dr. Bender keeps in his bedroom. One thing is clear to Ernest – the bundle contains a baby animal and it is far from well.

As the days go by Ernest really begins to worry. Milly the cat is depressed and feeling rejected and unloved; Dr. Bender is harassed, overworked, and exhausted; and he, Ernest, is at his wits end to keep up with it all. When will things go back to being the way they were before the bundle arrived?

In this warm often funny book readers will meet a wonderful cast of animal characters who are colorful, loveable and instantly easy to identify with. Readers will get to know a family which, like all families, has its problems. Thankfully these problems are resolved and everyone who lives at the Bed and Biscuit comes to accept that he or she is loved and valued no matter what happens.