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We’re going on a bear hunt: A Celebratory Pop-up Edition

We’re going on a bear hunt: A Celebratory Pop-up Edition

Michael Rosen
Illustrator:   Helen Oxenbury 
Novelty Book
For ages 3 to 6
Simon and Schuster, 2007   ISBN: 978-1416936657

A mother, a father and their three children are going on a bear hunt. It is a “beautiful day,” a perfect day for a bear hunt in fact. So off they go with their dog for company and they begin their adventures by walking through a field of long wavy grass. They can’t go over or under the grass. So, instead, they are going to go right through that lovely tall grass and when they do, it makes the most splendid “swishy swashy!” noises.

Next they come to a river, a “deep, cold river,” and just as before they decide to go “right through it!” With a “splash” and a “splosh” they make their way across the river.

Indeed every time they encounter some new barrier in their path, the intrepid family walks right through it, making wonderful noises as they go. They “squelch” their way through mud and “stumble trip” through a forest. Then there is a howling snowstorm to get through.

Finally they arrive at a cave which they not scared to enter even though it is dark and decidedly creepy looking. Carefully they enter on tiptoe until they come face to face with the most unexpected thing possible.

In this delightful pop-up version of the classic picture book, young children will have a terrific time going on a bear hunt in a new way. Not only will they get to enjoy Michael Rosen’s delightful text with its irresistible sound words and Helen Oxenbury’s charming illustrations, but they will also get to enjoy the sound sections of the story in three dimensions. Some of these pop-up pages also have tabs to pull, flaps to lift and other moving parts. Just when you thought this book could not possibly be improved upon, someone finds a way to make it extra special.

Pop-up collectors of all ages will love to add this treasure to their shelves.