Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Water Sings Blue

Water Sings Blue

Kate Coombs
Illustrator:  Meilo So 
Poetry Picture Book
For ages 6 to 9
Chronicle Books, 2012   ISBN: 978-0811872843

When you go down to the sea, you are presented with a whole new world, a world where there is an open sky, where the seagulls fill the air with their cries, and where boats can take you away from the land. As you sail out to where “the water sings blue and the sky does too” you leave behind the pier, “its pilings huddled and dull.”

Here the waves have many voices, depending on the weather and the wind. Some days the waves “swell and sigh” while on others they “wake and roar.”

Beneath the surface, little fish swim, hoping against hope that they are not seen by a hungry shark. Jelly fish drift, their tentacles like a “kimono trialing.”

In the deep “where the sea feels like a grave,” oarfish and gulper eels lurk in the dark. Perhaps a blue whale will dive down to these places, where shipwrecks sit on the bottom “far from home / under gallons of seas.”

This extraordinary book takes us from the land, out to sea, beneath the waves, and then back to the tide line. We meet some of the creatures who make the sea their home, and come to appreciate how this watery world is a place full of mystery and contradictions.

With gorgeous watercolor illustrations on every page, and beautifully atmospheric poems, this is a book readers of all ages will enjoy exploring.