Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Wally and Mae

Wally and Mae

Christa Kempter
Illustrator:  Frauke Weldin 
Picture Book
For ages 6 to 8
NorthSouth, 2008   ISBN: 978-0735822085

One day Wally the rabbit found an abandoned house in the woods and he decided to make it his home. Though the house was little, Wally felt that it was too big for one rabbit to live in alone so he put up a sign that said, “Apartment for rent.”

   Wally was hoping that a nice quiet turtle or a congenial hamster might want to rent the apartment, but instead a very large bear called Mae turned up and in no time at all Mae was settled in the room upstairs. Mae liked to take life easy, sleeping in, eating, talking on the phone, and napping. Wally was quite the opposite. He got up early, cleaned the house, and enjoyed admiring his neat and clean home. Wally found Mae’s slovenly ways annoying and distressing, and he resented it when she ate the carrot cakes that he baked. In fact, Wally got so upset that he lost his appetite and grew thin. He had no idea what to do about his very large furry problem.

   In this charming picture book we meet two animals who seemingly have nothing in common. Indeed, they are so unalike that it is hard to imagine how they can possibly share the same living space. What neither one of them knows, is that sometimes the best friendships develop between two individuals who are dissimilar.

   With amusing characters and a meaningful story, this picture book offers children a tale that will entertain them and that will also give them something to think about.