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W Is for Waves: An Ocean Alphabet

W Is for Waves: An Ocean Alphabet

Marie Smith, Roland Smith
Nonfiction Picture Book  Series
For ages 6 to 9
Sleeping Bear Press, 2008   ISBN: 978-1585362547

For hundreds of years, people have been fascinated by the story of Atlantis, an island that was said to have disappeared under the waves, leaving no trace of where it once was. This is one of many mysteries that lie under the waves of oceans and seas around the world. Though we have much to learn about these mysteries, there are also many things that we do know about the world’s marine environments, some of which are explored in this wonderful book.

Using an alphabet book format, Marie and Roland Smith explore all kinds of marine topics. They tell us about beaches on the B page, and how sea creatures use camouflage on the C page. C is also for currents, “the flow of water from one place to another.”  On the E page, we learn about the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, which killed countless marine animals and birds. We also learn about echinoderms, marine animals that include the sea urchins and star fishes.

For every letter of the alphabet, readers are give a poem, an illustration, and a text side bar that is full of additional information. The book can be enjoyed on several levels, the poems and art being particularly suited to younger children, and the text in the side bars being full of information that will appeal to older readers.

This is one of a series of interesting alphabet books that have been published by Sleeping Bear Press.