Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews



Carol Carrick
Illustrator:  Paddy Bouma 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Clarion Books, 2001   ISBN: 978-0618051519

Heather is feeling very upset because her mother has gone to work today – on Valentine’s Day. Her grandma tries to cheer her up by making cookies with her. Heather makes one cookie in the shape of a heart which she will give to her mother when she comes home.

Once the cookies are in the oven Heather and Grandma go out to the pen to see how Clover, Grandma’s favorite sheep, is doing. When they get there they discover that Clover has had her lambs. Two of them are already standing and nursing but a third is lying on the ground and it is very cold to the touch. It is barely alive.

Grandma quickly takes the lamb into the house and begins to warm it up. Heather cries because she is afraid the lamb will die. It does not respond to anything that Grandma does. Then Grandma warms it gently with a hair dryer and finally the little creature makes a sound and moves its head. Heather is so glad to see the lamb show some sign of life. Later the lamb begins to drink milk from a bottle. When her mother comes home Heather tells her that the lamb is called Valentine because it is Valentine’s Day.

In this sweet little picture book readers will see how a little girl discovers that sometimes other people have to take the place of a mother for a while, just as she and Grandma are doing for Valentine the lamb. Taking care of the lamb helps Heather feel useful and takes her mind off her own problems.