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Up and Away with the Little Witch!

Up and Away with the Little Witch!

Lieve Baeten
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 7
NorthSouth, 2011   ISBN: 978-0735840041

Lizzy the Little Witch has a friend called Trixie staying with her for the night, and Lizzy is reading Trixie (who is a very small witch indeed) a story. In the story, this is a Witch Princess who rides around on a magic carpet. Inspired by the story, Lizzy casts a spell on her carpet, and to her delight the spell works. Under the light of a full moon, the carpet carries Lizzy and Trixie “off into the night.”

After flying for quite a while, they see a caravan moving across the countryside below. The witches swoop down to investigate, hoping that they will find something to eat. Caravan Witch is delighted to see the two young witches, and she not only feeds them, but she also gives them a little show as well.

After bidding Caravan Witch goodbye, the witches fly on, soaring over mountains and the river. Below them, the witches see a light shining out into the darkness. Trixie really needs to go to the bathroom, so they fly down towards the river and soon they see Boat Witch sitting on her strange witch craft. Hopefully she will be able to help them.

With wonderfully detailed illustrations and interesting novelty features on the pages, this Little Witch title is sure to charm young readers who like adventures that have a magical element.