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Two Christmas Mice

Two Christmas Mice

Corinne Demas
Illustrator:  Stephanie Roth 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 8
Holiday House, 2005   ISBN: 978-0823417858

Annamouse and Willamouse are getting ready for Christmas. It is Christmas Eve and each little mouse is busy making preparations in her cozy little home. In Annanmouse’s burrow Annamouse is setting up her Christmas tree and in Willamouse’s burrow Willamouse is making paper chains.

After completing their tasks both mice get ready to set off to get what they need to finished their preparations; Willamouse needs to get a Christmas tree for her decorations, and Annamouse needs some decorations to go with her splendid tree. Unfortunately a fierce snowstorm has blown in and both mice quickly realize that they are most certainly not going to be able to go town nor are they going to be able to go caroling. Both mice begin to think that they are going to have a very lonely Christmas indeed until they both hear a series of noises behind their parlor walls.

The author of this warm cheerful picture book brings to life many of the things we all hope to share during the Christmas season. Most of all she gives her mouse characters the gift of friendship and companionship. After all, what would Christmas be like if we didn’t have someone to share it with? In the end Willamouse and Annamouse get the best present of all before Santamouse even comes down the chimney to bring them their gifts.