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True Green Kids: 100 Things you can do to save the planet

True Green Kids: 100 Things you can do to save the planet

Kim McKay, Jenny Bonnin
For ages 10 and up
National Geographic, 2008   ISBN: 1426304420

When we read about climate change, dying rivers, endangered species, and other environmental problems many of us feel overwhelmed by it all. What can we hope to do to make the world a better place in the face of so many challenges?

This excellent book will show readers of all ages that it is remarkably easy to do all kinds of things that contribute to making our planet a better place to live. Some of the suggestions given are so simple that readers will wonder why they did not think of them on their own. For example, have a shorter shower to save water, turn off lights when you are not in a room, buy things with less packaging, and find ways to recycle the things you no longer need.

There are also projects that will take a little more work to do, but they are still quite easy to complete. Compost your vegetable based food items for example, and find out about your local farmer’s markets so that you can buy local food items. Encourage your family, friends, and school to plant native plants in gardens, and do something special on Earth Day.

This very accessible book will show readers how easy it is to be green. It shows everyone that all we need to do is to adjust the way we think about our resources, and we will find that being green is really a lot easier than we thought. There is one “going green” idea on every page, and for every idea there is a photo or illustration. Each greening idea also has an add-on at the bottom of the page, which includes hands-on activities to try, websites to visit, and more.