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Trains: A Pop-Up Railroad Book

Trains: A Pop-Up Railroad Book

Robert Crowther
Novelty Book
For ages 6 and up
Candlewick, 2006   ISBN: 978-0763630829

For many of us, trains are wonderful machines that carry with them an air of adventure and excitement. Not only can they take us to far off places, but they also have a wonderful history, and there are hundreds of stories, films, and songs about trains. In this pop-up book readers will begin by reading about the different kinds of trains there are and their history. Among other things they will learn that the first steam locomotive was built in 1804 and how a German engineer built the first diesel locomotive.

In the next section the author tells us about passenger cars. Just like the engines that pull them, the passenger cars have also changed a great deal over the years, and today some passenger cars are outfitted to create modern and highly comfortable travel spaces.

Next, readers will read about "Record-Breaking Trains" from around the world and "Railroad Challenges" that engineers have had to overcome. Today trains can go over and under water as well as through mountains, up steep hillsides and along a single rail system

Finally, the author tells us about train stations; a large double page pop-up creation giving us a three dimensional look at a typical train station.

Indeed, there are pop-ups on all the pages as well as flaps to lift and tabs to pull. Readers can make the trains move along their tracks, and often when they lift a flap or pull a tab, not only is a new picture revealed, but more text is brought to light describing what is shown in the illustration and providing the reader with more interesting information.

Wonderful illustrations, creative pop-ups, and an engaging and carefully researched text makes this a perfect book for young - and not so young - train fans.