Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Touch & Feel Zoo

Touch & Feel Zoo

Dwell Studio
Novelty Board Book
Infants to age 3
Blue Apple Books, 2010   ISBN: 978-1609050252

Young children explore the world in many ways. They look at things with their eyes, put things into their mouths, listen to noises with their ears, and touch things with their fingers. This delightful novelty board book allows infants and young children to learn about zoo animals using their eyes, ears, and fingers. There is a text that can be read to them, pictures to look at, and textured surfaces to touch.

The book begins by looking at some penguins. We learn from the text that they are birds who cannot fly and who dive “in the ocean / underneath the sky.” The picture showing their black and white plumage is striking, and we invited to “Pat the PENGUIN,” which is when we discover that it has a smooth tummy.

On the pages that follow, we meet a mama bear and her cub, a zebra, a lizard, and some seals. On each double page spread, there are rhyming lines of text and pictures that have textured surfaces.