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Touch and Feel: ABC

Touch and Feel: ABC

From the editors at Scholastic
Novelty Board Book
For ages 2 to 4
Scholastic, 2015   ISBN: 978-0545903172

Sometimes the best way to learn to is to do so using more than one sense. Children in particular remember things best when they can learn using their ears, eyes, and their sense of touch, which is why many museums now allow their young visitors to touch some of their exhibits.

In this alphabet book, rhyming verse, brightly colored text and photos, novelty features and textured surfaces are combined to give little children a wonderful bookish learning experience. We begin with “A is for apple that grows on a tree,” and we are shown a big green apple. In the center of the apple there is a shiny surface that is fun to touch. On the facing page we encounter “B is for butterflies, 1,2 and 3.” Here three butterflies flutter across the pages and children can lift flaps so that the butterflies change color.

On the C page there is a picture of a luscious looking cupcake with pink icing that has a textured, glittery surface. Next door we see “D is for ducklings, who like to go quack,” and one of the ducklings has a soft feathery tummy to stroke.

The creators of this book have found all kinds of creative ways to use novelty features. Children will get to touch a knitted hat, a crinkling leaf, a fluffy kitten, bunny and puppy, velvety mouse ears, scratchy sand, and more. There are also six flaps to lift, and throughout the book wonderful photos and colored text give the book a bright and engaging energy.