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Toot and Puddle: The New Friend

Toot and Puddle: The New Friend

Holly Hobbie
Picture Book  Series
For ages 3 to 5
Little Brown, 2004   ISBN: 978-0316366366

It is a lovely fall and Opal has come to visit her cousin Puddle and her friend Toot. She has brought with her her new friend Daphne, a very "beautiful" and accomplished pig girl. Opal thinks Daphne is just about the most prefect pig there is, and there is no doubt that Daphne can do a lot of things very well. She can play the violin like a virtuoso; she can hold her breath longer than the others; do cartwheels, and jump rope better than anyone.

Sometimes it is a little hard, a little intimidating, to have a friend who is so good at things and Opal starts to wish that she was "as good at things as Daphne." What Opal does not see at first is that though she may not be able to play the violin, and maybe she will never be any good at gymnastics, there are lots of things that she is good at. Best of all Opal, unlike Daphne, is a good sport and not, like Daphne, a "prima donna." Not only is Daphne a prima donna but she is one who won?t help rake leaves or jump in them afterwards for fun.

This is a cheery, bright and funny picture book which differs a little from the other Toot and Puddle books. In this volume we see that everyone has their own special talents and that every one has their faults too. None of us are perfect no matter how "good at things" we may be. As in the other books starring the two wonderful little pigs, love is generously shared, and good advice is given.