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Toot and Puddle: Let it Snow

Toot and Puddle: Let it Snow

Holly Hobbie
Picture Book  Series
For ages 4 to 6
Little Brown, 2007   ISBN: 978-0316166867

It was almost Christmas and Puddle is worried because it hasn't snowed at all. Not even one flake has fallen on Woodcock Pocket. His friend Toot has a different concern. Toot doesn't know what to give his friend for Christmas. He knows that the best kind of gift is a home-made one and not a store bought "whatsit," but this year he just does not know what to make for Puddle.

And he isn't the only one who is "stumped," for Puddle doesn't know what to make for Toot either. When Puddle asks Opal's advice she says that Toot would like a homemade doll, "something cuddly" and when Toot calls her, she tells him that Puddle would like a homemade doll "something soft and cute."

The next day the pigs wake up to a wonderful snowy landscape and they have the most perfect day skiing in the woods together. The snow does not last, alas, but the two friends are now inspired and both dash off to their respective work areas to create each other's Christmas gifts.

In this delightful, and final, book in the Toot and Puddle series, the two little pigs who have so much to give find themselves unable to think up some good gift ideas. Their creative juices just don't seem to want to flow. It takes a wonderful day in the snow filled woods to give them the inspiration that they need and after that they are able to create the perfect gifts which they will both enjoy for years to come.