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Too Many Leprechauns, Or How the Pot o’ Gold got to the end of the rainbow

Too Many Leprechauns, Or How the Pot o’ Gold got to the end of the rainbow

Stephen Krensky
Illustrator:  Dan Andreasen 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Simon and Schuster, 2007   ISBN: 978-0689851124

When Finn O'Finnegan gets back to his village after being in Dublin for a year he discovers that everyone is completely exhausted and hardly able to stay awake. Apparently the leprechauns are making "fairy shoes" and the tapping of their hammers has prevented anyone from getting a decent night sleep in an age. Feeling curious, Finn goes off to meet the leprechauns. In no time at all he finds them and, thinking himself a very clever fellow, Finn proceeds to find fault with every pair of shoes that he is shown.

Now, leprechauns don't like having their handiwork criticized and they take Finn?s comments to heart. They show him all the gold that they have earned making shoes. Surely no one would pay them all that gold if their shoes were not "the finest of their kind." Finn agrees to take a look at their shoes again to see if he might consider revising his opinion of them. He also puts together a plan which he hopes will force the leprechauns to leave his village in peace once and for all.

If you have ever wondered why it is that leprechauns keep their gold hidden at the end of a rainbow then this is the picture book for you. Readers with a fondness for the cunning little Irish "little folk" will be delighted to read this important piece of leprechaun history. The clever tale coupled with Dan Andreasen's soft and magical artwork makes this a winning title.