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Today I will: A year of quotes, notes and letters to myself

Today I will: A year of quotes, notes and letters to myself

Eileen Spinelli , Jerry Spinelli
Illustrator:  Julia Rothman 
For ages 12 and up
Random House, 2009   ISBN: 75840575

Every year dozens upon dozens of dip-into-daily inspirational books are published for adult readers. Here, at last, is a book that was written for younger readers, though adult readers will also find it very enlightening. For every day of the year, the authors provide quotes from books that were written for younger readers. There are quotes from Shiloh, Owl Moon, Sarah Plain and Tall, and many other books of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

Each quote is followed by some notes about that quote, and then a letter “to myself” to give the reader something to think about. Suggestions encourage readers to think about the quote and what it might mean to them.

For January 7, the authors give us a quote from Shiloh about how one should never “run away from a problem.” Below the quote, the authors talk about how it is normal and okay to want to run away from a problem. When we are very little we do it all the time. However, as we get older, running away is less of an option. The letter at the bottom of the page reads: “Before this day is over, I’ll probably face at least one problem I want to run away from. But I won’t.” This is a powerful affirmation, and it is one that will empower readers of all ages.

This is a book that offers readers something meaningful to think about every day of the year. What is wonderful, is that readers will be able to read the book again and again, year after year, because with every reading they will see and discover something new.