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Tiny's Big Adventure

Tiny's Big Adventure

Martin Waddell
Illustrator:  John Lawrence 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Candlewick, 2008   ISBN: 978-0763638191

One day Tiny and his sister Katy left their home in the barn, and they went outside to explore. Tiny wanted to go to the wheat field, which he had never seen before, and Katy was willing to take him.

Soon the two little mice are in the wheat field playing mouse games. Then Tiny sees something and he thinks it is a cat. Katy explains that what Tiny is seeing is a rabbit. She, being older and therefore wiser, has “seen rabbits before.”

The mice continue to play until Tiny sees a big bird flying. He asks his sister if the bird is an owl, and she explains that it is a pheasant. Katy is there for Tiny whenever he sees something that frightens him. Each time he gets frightened, she gently explains that he has nothing to fear.

In this charming picture book, John Lawrence’s multimedia illustrations are paired with Martin Waddell’s simple and perfectly balanced text to give young readers a delightful story. The tale celebrates the close ties that siblings share, and it explores what it is like to venture out into a place that it is full of unknowns.