Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

The Zoo's Shoes

The Zoo's Shoes

For ages 3 to 5
Workman Publishing Company, 1970   ISBN: 978-0761149453

All kinds of animals live in the zoo and they (almost) all have something in common. None of them can tie their shoes, except for Bunny. Bunny knows how to tie his shoes because he "practices – a lot!"

Because they cannot tie their shoes, the animals are having a very hard time. Tiger is tripping up on his laces when he runs, and Leopard is trying to dance with her loose laces flying around her ankles. All the animals need Bunny's help. Of course, you can help too if you want to try your hand tying the laces. Practice with Bunny and soon you will be able to help the zoo animals all by yourself.

With its sturdy shoe shaped board pages and its colorful laces, this clever board book will help children to learn how to tie their shoes in no time. With its cheerful and amusing artwork and its engaging story, this title make the shoe tying learning process a joy instead of an ordeal.