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The World of Eldaterra: The Dragon Conspiracy

The World of Eldaterra: The Dragon Conspiracy

P. R. Moredun
Fiction  Series
For ages 13 and up
HarperTeen, 2006   ISBN: 0060766654

It is 1910 and quite by chance, while walking along the seashore one day, James Kinghorn comes upon a large arch. James cannot help thinking that it seems strange that there should be an arch standing in the middle of nowhere but he assumes the arch must be a memorial of some kind. The fourteen year old then steps through the arch and suddenly things gets decidedly more strange for James is no longer in England. Instead he is in a different world called Eldaterra, a world which was deliberately separated from the one he knows. On this world magic still exists, it has not been forced out by science and logic.

James soon learns that he has been brought to this world for a specific purpose, to find out who else has entered Eldaterra from Earth and why. So, with a talking dog and a talking bear for company, James goes back through the arch to see what he can discover. To his horror he sees that there are dragons living in his world, dragons which were exiled from Eldaterra and which want to take over the Earth for themselves. What James does not know is that others have also made this terrifying discovery. Will these people be able to help James put a stop to the dragons' plans, or will the dragons be able to complete the plan which has been in the making for so long?

In this gripping, sometimes shocking tale, the author tells several stories simultaneously. There is the story of James' adventures, and then there is the story of a very perplexed policeman who stumbled across the dragon plot in 1895 quite by accident. Slowly and skillfully, P.R. Moredun weaves these two threads of his tale together until they finally connect to give the reader a stunning and exciting conclusion.