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The Wonderful Book

The Wonderful Book

Leonid Gore
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 7
Scholastic, 2010   ISBN: 978-0545085984

Once day a rabbit is hopping through the forest when he sees something lying on the grass. The object is a book, but because rabbit has no idea what a book is, he decides that the thing he has found would make a “cozy little house.”

Later a bear sees the book, and after scaring off the rabbit, he picks up the book and put it on his head. The bear you see has no idea what the book is either, and he thinks that it is a hat.

When the bear loses the book, a family of mice find it and they decide that it will make an excellent table’ and so they all dine at the ‘table’ very happily. Will any of these forest creatures figure out that the book is much more than a house, a hat, or a table?

This picture book will serve to remind children that books are wonderful things that with enrich their lives, just as the book in this story does for the animals of the forest. With a minimal text and amusingly expressive illustrations, this picture book is a must for all libraries, even the very smallest ones that live on one shelf in a child’s room.