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The Wolf Who Wanted to Fall in Love

The Wolf Who Wanted to Fall in Love

Orianne Lallemand
Illustrator:  Eleonore Thuillier 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Auzou, 2017   ISBN: 978-2733852446

It is spring in the forest and everywhere Wolf looks he sees his animal neighbors pairing up. There are couples everywhere, which makes Wolf, who is already a lonely fellow, feel even lonelier. Finally, one morning Wolf decides that he is going to find his “own special someone.” There is only one problem: Wolf has no idea how to go about finding his perfect wolf lady.

When you don’t know how to do something the best thing to do is to ask other people for advice, and so this is what Wolf does. He goes to see Mr. Owl who explains that love is not something that you can find. “You just fall in love,” the wise bird says.

For the rest of the morning Wolf practices falling but alas no love comes his way. All he gets for his efforts are bumps and bruises from the top of his ears to the tip of his tail. For some reason Mr. Owl’s advice is not proving to be at all helpful.

Wolf’s friend Alfred suggests that Wolf should try to improve his looks, and so Wolf has a bath and puts on a flowered shirt, pinning a flower over his heart. Surely this outfit will do the trick.

In this funny picture book children will encounter a wolf who has a very familiar problem. He gets advice from all kinds of well-meaning friends, but in the end it turns out that love is a quixotic thing that cannot be forced.