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The Way Mothers are

The Way Mothers are

Miriam Schlein
Illustrator:  Joe Lasker 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Albert Whitman & Company, 1993   ISBN: 978-0807586907

One day a little boy cat asks his mother if she loves him. Does she still love him when he is naughty? What about those times when he refuses to get dressed in the morning, when he screams, and when he makes his sister cry?

The little cat's mother explains that she loves him even when he does things that upset, distress, and annoy her. The little boy cat wants to know why. Why does his mother love him?

Perhaps she loves him because of all the good things he does. Perhaps she loves him for those days when he picks up his toys, when he is nice to his sister, and when he generally behaves like a good little cat.

His mother responds by telling her son that though she appreciates it when he is good and enjoys his company when he isn't being naughty, there is a very simple reason why she loves him, a good times and in bad ones.

Children who wonder why their mother loves them will find this picture book enormously satisfying. Who knew that the answer was so simple and yet so important at the same time. Children will discover that their mother's love is both powerful and forgiving.