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The Von Hamm family: Alex and the Tart

The Von Hamm family: Alex and the Tart

Guido Van Genechten
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 6
Tiger Tales, 2005   ISBN: 1589253930

Every Sunday the Von Hamm family have a special dessert. On this particular Sunday Alex volunteers to go and get the dessert from the bakery. Though he is still a very young pig, Mrs. Von Hamm agrees to let her little son go. Before he leaves, his mother gives Alex careful instructions; he is to get a large cherry tart without whipped cream and twenty-five rolls.

Now, this may seem like an easy task, but for a little pig, there are many things to worry about. First Alex has to be sure that he asks for the right thing. Then he has to figure out how to get the big tart, which needs to be carried “nice and flat,” home in one piece.

Any little child who has been asked to do a “grown-up” task for the first time will appreciate this story. Though Alex has difficulties that he has to overcome, he finds a way to complete the task he has been given. Though things might not have gone as perfectly as he might have wished, Alex has every reason to feel proud of his achievement.

This sweetly illustrated first instalment in a series about the Von Hamm family will charm pig fans and give little children a boost when their self-confidence is flagging.