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The Very Snowy Christmas

The Very Snowy Christmas

Diana Hendry
Illustrator:   Jane Chapman 
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 6
Tiger Tales, 2005   ISBN: 978-1589250512

It is Christmas Eve in the Mouse household and Little Mouse is eager to begin decorating the Christmas tree. So Big Mouse sets his cheese pie making activities aside, and the two mice begin to decorate. Little Mouse soon realizes that they don't have any holly so he sets off to get some.

It takes him a while, but at last Little Mouse finds some holly with big red berries. He is happily picking the holly when large snow flakes begin to fall. Now poor Little Mouse has never experienced snow before and he is convinced that "the sky is coming undone!"  In fact he becomes so distressed and worried that he decides to take some of the white "sky"home to Big Mouse in the hope that the older mouse will be able to "stitch the sky together again."

Then all sorts of terrifying things start to happen. First Little Mouse sees a Mouse Ness Monster in the stream. Then he becomes convinced that some invisible monster is following him, for there are paw prints coming behind him. Then, to make matters worse, when he gets home there is a huge white monster standing outside the front door. Now what is he to do?

Little children will have a wonderful time figuring out what Little Mouse is afraid of, and telling each other and their grown ups that he really doesn't have any reason to be afraid at all. Thankfully, Big Mouse is able to show Little Mouse how much fun snow can be and Little Mouse is soon able to enjoy snow just as much as we do. Best of all Little Mouse is able to have a wonderful snowy Christmas with his favorite person, knowing he is safe and warm and cozy.