Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

The Very Best Bed

The Very Best Bed

Picture Book
For ages 4 to 8
Tilbury House Publishers, 2006   ISBN: 978-0884482840

It is fall, and the little gray squirrel has been busy collecting nuts and seeds for the winter. He has been so busy that he hasn’t noticed that night is falling. It is getting cold and dark, and he needs to find a warm snug place to spend the night.

The squirrel goes to a fallen tree that has a den under it, but the den is full. A big bear is sleeping in it. The little cave under a pile of rocks is also occupied. A fox is asleep inside the cave, and the squirrel does not to wake up a fox who might be feeling hungry.

The squirrel decides to join the bats in a tall maple tree, but he soon realizes that sleeping upside-down gives him a headache. Clearly this is not the place for him. Nor is he suited for sleeping on floating “rafts of reeds and cattails” like the ducks. They look cozy enough being “rocked back and forth” by the waves, but the squirrel does not want to get his feet wet. Surely there must be someplace where a weary squirrel can spend the night “curled up under his fluffy tail.”

With beautiful illustrations and a lyrical text that is touched with splashes of humor, this delightful picture book takes young readers on a journey around the countryside. Children will enjoy seeing the animals that the squirrel encounters, and they will like trying to guess where the squirrel is going to end up.