Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

The Typewriter

The Typewriter

Bill Thomson
Wordless Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Two Lions, 2016   ISBN: 978-1477849750

One day three children ride their bikes to the carousel, only to discover that is it closed. Most of the rides on the carousel are the traditional horses that you expect to see, but there is also a bumblebee ride, and on the seat of the bumblebee, right next to the pole that attaches it to the carousel, there is a box. The children lift the box down to the ground, open it, and find out that it contains a typewriter.

The little girl puts some paper in the typewriter and then she types the word Beach. In a moment the children are transported from their snowy home to a beach, complete with sun, sand, and a blue sky. While his friends are playing in the surf, one of the boys types the word Ball on the paper, and just like that a large beach ball appears. The third child types the word Ice Cream and a huge plastic pail, full of ice cream, turns up. Then it is the girl’s turn again. She types the word Crab on the paper and sure enough a crab materializes on the sand. The problem is that this crab, like the ball and the pail of ice cream, is huge!

This gorgeous wordless picture book serves as a tribute to the imagination, and it will take readers into that wonderful world of what if. What would they type on a typewriter that could make dreams come true? What would they do if they were confronted by a huge crab? Children will see, through the magic typewriter, that words have enormous power, and perhaps they will wonder if words in the real world are just as remarkable, though in a different way.