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The Toddler Cookbook

The Toddler Cookbook

Annabel Karmel
For ages 5 to 10
DK CHILDREN, 2008   ISBN: 978-0756635053

All too often cookbooks which are written for children contain recipes which are predominantly sweet and not necessarily to the taste of the grownup members of the family. In this book children and their families will find recipes which everyone will enjoy eating. The made-from-scratch recipes are interesting, healthy, and they will encourage young children to try foods which are a little more adventurous.

The author begins by giving her young chef readers hints on how to do basic cooking procedures. These include how to knead dough, how to grate cheese, and how to melt chocolate. In the next section she shows them what they will need to make the recipes in the book. She does not just list the items, she also shows her readers what everything looks like in a large labeled photograph – which is very useful and thoughtful. After all we don't all know what an egg whisk and a potato masher look like.

Next come the recipes. These include such delicacies as Caesar salad, cheesy bread rolls, salmon fishcakes, banana muffins, oat bars, and fruit skewers. The author also includes a section on how to host a cooking party and how to make such a party memorable and fun.

For each recipe the author provides her chefs with a list of ingredients and a step by step description (with photographs) of how to make the dish in question. The directions are easy to follow and the photographs show readers how other little children made these dishes themselves (with a little help from an adult when needed).

This is a really splendid book and its kid friendly format with the numerous photographs and colorful backgrounds make the whole cooking process look very accessible.