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The Somebody for Me

The Somebody for Me

Minako Chiba
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
NorthSouth, 2010   ISBN: 978-0735823235

Miss Mika is a happy doll maker, and as she sews her dolls, she hopes that all of her creations will be happy too. When one of her dolls, Sumiko, asks Miss Mika what “happy” is, Miss Mika explains that happiness is a feeling that you get “when somebody loves you.”

Sumiko and the other dolls are arranged in the shop window, and one by one they are sold until the only one left is Sumiko. New toys come into the shop and they go off with happy children. Poor Sumiko is ignored, and she cannot wondering, “Where is the somebody for me?”

Then, after a long wait, a little girl comes into the shop who wants Sumiko, but her father says that Sumiko is “old and dirty,” and he leads his daughter away to find something “new and clean.” Sumiko begins to think that she will never have a somebody of her own.

We all have moments when we feel very alone, and when we wish that we had a somebody to love who will love us back. In this sweet and touching picture book, Minako Chiba beautifully shows how important it is not to give up hope. Someone will  come along who will be that right somebody.