Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

The Snowman

The Snowman

Raymond Briggs
For ages 3 to and up
Random House, 1978   ISBN: 978-0394839738

A little boy builds a snowman and he is so pleased with his handiwork that even after he has been put to bed he cannot help wanting to look at his snowman once again. So out he goes, in his dressing gown and slippers, to look at the large snow person standing in front of his house.

To his delight the snowman lifts his hat when he sees the little boy and the boy invites the snowman to come inside and visit his house. Soon the two are exploring the house together, always trying to stay as quiet as possible so that the little boy’s parents are not roused from their bed. In turn the snowman takes the little boy on a magical journey out into the snowy night and across the sky

This now classic wordless picture book will take readers on a wonderful adventure through a little boy’s home and into a snowy night. Children will love to see how the little boy shows his snowman the human world. There are so many wonderful things to try like turning on light switches, opening fridges, trying on human clothes, sitting in a car and much more. If only the snowman could be the little boy’s friend forever and yet we all know that all snowmen will, eventually, melt.

The illustrations, presented in a comic strip format, are so expressive that words are not needed. Young children will especially like this book which seems to be perfectly catered to their needs and yet which has an appeal for readers of all ages.