Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

The snow show

The snow show

Caroline Fisher
Picture Book
Ages 8 to 11
Harcourt, 2008   ISBN: 0152060197

Snow White is hosting a new episode of the Snow Show with her cohosts, Chef Kelvin and Jack Frost. Today they are going to take us to the North Pole so that we can “cook up a fresh batch of snow.”

To make snow you are going to need the following: Water, wind, sun, specks of dust, cold, and heat. The first thing you need to do is to warm water with sunshine. Water will evaporate and become water vapour. This will rise up into the sky where it begins to cool down until there are “floating drops of water or ice” which form clouds.

After the clouds have formed some of the evaporated water vapor is blown to a very cold place in the clouds. Here the water molecules “bump” into a speck of ice or dust. A little snow crystal forms.

To help you understand things better Chef Kelvin – who is a snowman by the way – demonstrates the whole snow making process. This is not easy because he does not really like heights nor does he really seem to enjoy what is happening to him very much. In fact, he complains rather a lot. Still, he, and his cohosts, show us how snow crystals form and why they turn into the beautiful formations that we see falling out of the sky on snowy days.

With humor, unique digital illustrations, and a punchy format that makes science entertaining, Carolyn Fisher has created a book that young snow lovers will find irresistible.