Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

The snow day

The snow day

Komako Saki
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 5
Scholastic, 2005   ISBN: 0545013216

One morning a little rabbit wakes up and learns that there will be no school that day. It is snowing so hard that the school bus got stuck and the Kindergarten is closed. Of course the little rabbit is awfully excited, and he wants to go out to play in the snow. Mommy is not so keen on the idea however because she does not want her child to “catch a cold.” Of course the little rabbit still manages to sneak out onto the balcony where he makes a “snow dumpling.”

It is snowing so hard that the little rabbit and his mother have to stay inside almost the entire day. They play cards together, and in the afternoon they learn that Daddy’s flight has been canceled. Now the little rabbit wishes the snow would stop. He feels as if he and his mommy are “all alone in the world.”

In this wonderfully illustrated picture book Komako Saki perfectly captures what it is like to be in a city or town during a snowstorm. Everything becomes quiet and life slows down. The soft text and beautiful artwork showing the little rabbit looking out at a snow filled world will give readers of all ages a comforting and warming glimpse of one special day in the life of a young child.