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The Smallest Gift of Christmas

The Smallest Gift of Christmas

Peter H. Reynolds
Picture Book
For ages 5 and up
Candlewick Press, 2013   ISBN: 978-0763661038

It is Christmas morning and Roland races downstairs to find out what Santa brought him. When he gets to the sitting room he finds that his gift is tiny. In fact, it is “the smallest gift” he has ever seen. Roland is not pleased about this so he closes his eyes and wishes as hard as he can for a bigger gift. When he opens his eyes there, sitting on the floor in front of him, is a bigger gift.

   One would think that Roland would be happy, but he isn’t. As far as he is concerned his gift is still too small. He wishes again and again, and each time his gift is bigger than before, and each time Roland is unsatisfied.

   Roland gets so annoyed about the smallness of his gift that he leaves home in a huff. He is convinced that somewhere there is a gift for him that is big enough.

  Christmas is a time when we are supposed to be grateful for what we have, but sometimes we find ourselves longing for what we don’t have instead. In this wonderful picture book Peter H. Reynolds gently reminds us that searching for what we think we are missing might make us forget to notice all the wonderful things that we already have.