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The Slightly Odd United States of America

The Slightly Odd United States of America

From the editors at Klutz
For ages 8 to 12
Klutz, 2010   ISBN: 978-1591747512

Most Americans know a few facts about each of the fifty American states. We know, for example, that there is an active volcano in Hawaii, that New Orleans is famous for its jazz music, and that Minnesota is said to have 10,000 lakes. There are many other facts though that do not commonly get talked or written about, and this book is full of those other facts that are, well, a little odd.

Maine is a small state where there are only 1,319,456 people, and yet it has 29,000 moose. It’s neighbor Vermont is famous for its maple syrup, but did you know that the tiles used in the game of Scrabble are made from the wood of Vermont maple trees?

Arizona is of course famous for being the home of the Grand Canyon, but is also boasts the town of Oatman, where people fry eggs on the sidewalks every Fourth of July. It is also the state where you can visit the oldest populated town in the United States. Oraibi is 1,500 years older than New York City.

Divided into five sections, this book is packed with strange and wonderful facts and figures. At the end of each section, readers will find quiz pages, games, and other activities. The answers for the puzzles and quizzes can be found at the back of the book.

With colorful illustrations and photos throughout, this is a book that children will have a blast exploring. It would make a great gift for a child who is taking a road trip in the United States.