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The Sisters Grimm: Book Six - Tales from the Hood

The Sisters Grimm: Book Six - Tales from the Hood

Michael Buckley
Illustrator:  Peter Ferguson 
Fiction  Series
For ages 8 to 12
Amulet Books, 2008   ISBN: 978-0810989252

It is hard to believe, but Sabrina and Daphne Grimm’s lives are more complicated than ever. Their parents are still in a magic induced coma, and their dear friend, Mr. Canis, has been arrested for the crimes that the Big Bad Wolf committed. With every passing day, the Big Bad Wolf side of Mr. Canis is gaining more and more control. It won’t be long before the good brave man who is the Grimm’s dearest friend will be completely overwhelmed by the Wolf.

Desperate to save Mr. Canis, the Grimms hire Robin Hood and his friends – who have a law firm – to represent Mr. Canis. It soon becomes clear that it is going to be an uphill business to prove that Mr. Canis is not responsible for the Big Bad Wolf’s crimes. Bluebeard (yes, the wife-killing Bluebeard) has been hired to prosecute Mr. Canis, the Mad Hatter is the judge, and both the Queen of Hearts and the Sheriff of Nottingham are out to get Mr. Canis – for good. Even when the Grimms start to get to the truth of the whole Goldilocks story, they cannot find a way to be heard. To make matters worse, Sabrina begins to think that they might be better off if the Wolf stays in jail. After all, he is dangerous and he might harm or even kill one of them.

In this sixth Sisters Grimm story, Michael Buckley finally reveals the secret of how the Big Bad Wolf came to possess Mr. Canis in the first place. The truth is shocking, and it helps us to piece together other mysteries that we encountered in the earlier books in the series. Once again, we are left hanging, and readers will be eager to find out if Goldilocks will be able to finally release Sabrina and Daphne’s parents from the spell that has been cast on them.