Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Seven Professors of the Far North

Seven Professors of the Far North

John Fardell
For ages 9 to 12
Penguin, 2006   ISBN: 978-0142407356

Sam is not at all pleased that he is going to have to spend the Easter vacation with his parents at crusty Great Aunt Roberta’s house. Just as he is getting ready to leave home, a most extraordinary vehicle drives up. It is a motorcycle with a side-car, and Sam soon finds out that his parents have arranged for him to spend the vacation with the driver of thid bizarre looking machine, Professor Alexander Ampersand, a brilliant inventor who taught Sam’s parents when they were in college. Professor Ampersand has his great-niece Zara, and his great-nephew Ben living with him, and Sam soon feels very comfortable in their company.

Soon after the travelers arrive at the Professor’s house, an exhausted messenger arrives to tell the Professor that something very strange is happening on the Arctic island of Nordbergen. An evil inventor called Dr. Murdo is up to his old tricks again, and it is up to Professor Ampersand and his six colleagues to stop Dr. Murdo from going ahead with his plans. Unfortunately, the seven professors have barely got together when some of Dr. Murdo’s muscle men arrive and kidnap them. The three children remain hidden during the attack, and quickly decide that they have to do something to help rescue the seven professors before Dr. Murdo does something truly dreadful to them.

What follows is an amazing adventure across Europe and up into the freezing wastes of the Arctic. The children discover that Dr. Murdo’s influence is considerable, and that they have no time to waste if they want to rescue their friends before it is too late.

This riveting tale will sweep readers up on an exciting danger-filled adventure full of secrets, wonderful inventions, colorful characters, and unexpected plot twists. Throughout the book readers will find unique little ink illustrations, which perfectly capture the atmosphere of the story.