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The Princess and the Dragon (Child's Play Library)

The Princess and the Dragon (Child's Play Library)

Audrey Wood
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Child's Play International, 2003   ISBN: 978-0859537162

There once was a princess who was mean, rude, messy, and a nuisance. Her behavior was disgraceful and the only time she smiled was when she played nasty tricks on the elderly knight whose job is was to make sure she was safe.

One day a dragon moved into a cave in a nearby mountain, and all the parents in the kingdom were worried. The king and queen were especially concerned because they knew that dragons like to kidnap princesses. When she heard about the dragon’s arrival, the princess got a dreadful idea. She decided that she would let the dragon kidnap her so that the elderly knight would be forced to fight the dragon. She never imagined that the dragon would not be a typical dragon, just as she was not a typical princess.

In this amusing and clever tale, the author turns the typical princess and dragon story on its head and she has a little fun. Children are going to love the way the story unfolds, and will be delighted with the ending.