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The Postman's Dog

The Postman's Dog

Lisa Shanahan
Illustrator:  Wayne Harris 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Allen & Unwin, 2006   ISBN: 1741142520

Charlie is a wonderful postman who is loved by the people he visits every day because he takes the time to talk to them, helps them with their chores, and pat their dogs. He is “the most well loved and well licked postman” in town, and he loves his job.

One day Charlie’s wife dies, and poor Charlie is so lonely and full of grief that he isn’t a cheerful postman anymore. All the people he has befriended are worried about him, and the people who have dogs are all sure that what Charlie needs is a dog of his own.

Encouraged by his friends, Charlie goes to the pound and he gets a dog; a nice calm and quiet little dog called Lucy. All of Charlie’s friends love Lucy, and soon Charlie starts to feel alive again. Then Charlie puts on his postman’s uniform and he discovers something very upsetting. Lucy “hates postmen.”

In this charming and heartwarming picture book, Lisa Shanahan explores the ways in which relationships can enrich our lives. We see how the Charlie’s kindness to others is appreciated and returned, and we see how the love a dog changes Charlie’s life for the better. This feel-good celebration of friendship is a delight to share with children