Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

The Pink Refrigerator

The Pink Refrigerator

Tim Egan
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 8
Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 2007   ISBN: 0618631542

Dodsworth is the kind of fellow who does not believe in expending much energy. In fact, he basically lives by the motto “Try to do as little as possible.” Every day he does the same thing: he goes to the junkyard to look for things for his thrift store, watches the television, naps, eats, and sleeps.

Then one day he sees that there is something new in the junkyard, a rusty pink refrigerator. On the refrigerator door there is a magnet that is holding up a note. Dodsworth tries to remove the magnet, but he is unable to get the magnet to move at all. In the end he reads the note. It says: “Make Pictures,” and when Dodsworth looks inside the refrigerator, he finds that it contains everything that he would need to paint some pictures. In the end he does indeed paint a picture of the ocean.

The next day a new note is attached to the refrigerator door, and the magnet is still as immovable as ever. This note says: “Read More.” Inside the refrigerator, Dodsworth discovers a set of classic books which he finds himself unable to resist reading. Clearly the refrigerator is not a normal appliance, and it is on a mission – to show Dodsworth that there is a wonderful world out there that is just waiting to be explored. Will Dodsworth get the message and take the plunge?

This very unique picture book, with its understated ink and watercolor illustrations, is perfectly paced to have the most impact on its readers as the story unfolds. Its message is a profound one that readers of all ages will find meaningful.