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The Pink House at the Seashore

The Pink House at the Seashore

Deborah Blumenthal
Illustrator:  Doug Chayka 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Clarion Books, 2005   ISBN: 978-0618378869

The whole family loved the pink house by the sea. They had gone there for their summer vacations for years and it was a special place for all of them. Now they are at the beach to see what a terrible storm has done to their summer place and they find that the house has been destroyed. Only pink boards and a few odds and end are left.

Broken hearted the children and their parents remember the wonderful times that they used to share at the house; the meals they cooked, the stories they heard as they lay in bed. Will the beach ever be the same without the pink house to live in?

A year after the big storm the family go back and they stay in a tent this time, a tent which is almost pink and on which they paint blue shutters, much like the ones that the pink house had. Over the summer they discover that their time at the beach can still be wonderful and special. And this time, when they leave, they get to take their pink house home with them.

This wonderful story of loss and recovery set with a summery beach vacation as a backdrop is both touching and reassuring. Children who have experienced a similar loss of a beloved home will find this message of hope comforting and enlightening.