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The Night Henry Ford Met Santa

The Night Henry Ford Met Santa

Carol Hagen
Illustrator:  Matt Faulkner 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Sleeping Bear Press, 2006   ISBN: 978-1585361328

Henry Ford is very proud of the new car he has designed and built, the Model T, but he really wishes that there was a "faster way to make cars for less money." He wishes that his car could be affordable for everyone and not just for the rich. As it is Christmas Henry's son Edsel recommends that Henry should write to Santa Claus and ask his advice. After all, surely of all people in the world, Santa will have some ideas of what can be done.

What Henry does not expect is that Santa will come and see Henry in person and take him to the North Pole. Here Henry meets Mrs. Claus and the elves, and best of all Santa shows Henry how the elves are able to make all the toys quickly and efficiently using an assembly line. Henry now knows how he can make affordable cars for every one who wants one. Santa has been given Henry a very special gift indeed, the mean to make his dreams come true.

Though this charming story is fiction, much of the background is based on the true story of Henry Ford and his family. His son did write a letter to Santa Claus when he was eight years old and the Fords did have a great fondness for Christmas and for the magic of the season. Readers can find out more about Henry Ford in a "Special Note to Readers," which the author has included at the back of the book.

By combining fact and fiction, the author gives her readers a sense of how important it is to pursue your dreams and to believe in miracles.