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The Missing: Book One - Found

The Missing: Book One - Found

Margaret Peterson Haddix
Fiction  Series
For ages 9 to 12
Simon and Schuster, 2009   ISBN: 978-1416954217

Jonah's parents have never tried to hide the fact he was adopted and knowing that he is not their biological child does not bother him at all. He was just a baby when they took him in and he feels very much a part of the family and quite ordinary in every way. And then Jonah gets a letter in the mail. The letter says: "You are one of the missing." Another letter arrives soon after which says: "Beware! They're coming back to get you." What on earth do the letters mean?

Everything becomes decidedly creepier when Jonah's friend Chip also gets the letters. Chip did not even know he was adopted but he now finds out that he was and that someone at the FBI, a man called James Reardon, is somehow linked to the adoption. When Jonah asks his parents to look into his own adoption the name of the FBI agent turns up again.

Then Jonah and his family go to meet Mr. Reardon. The agent is far from forthcoming and he suggests that perhaps Jonah was smuggled into the country. Mr. Reardon goes on to say that Jonah and his family would be wise if they did not investigate any further. In fact he even goes so far as to threaten them – which incenses Jonah's mother to no end.

Though the agent does not give Jonah any real information, someone else does. A janitor in the building tells Jonah that he should read the paper on Mr. Reardon's desk. Katherine takes a photo of the papers using her phone and when they get home Jonah, Katherine, and Chip realize that what they have in their hands might be the clue that they are looking for.

In this exciting book acclaimed storyteller Margaret Peterson Haddix creates a tale that will leave readers begging for more. Readers who have an interest in time travel will be fascinated by the direction this story takes. Superbly paced and carefully crafted, this is a book that will delight fans of science fiction.