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The Mermaid's Shoes

The Mermaid's Shoes

Sanne te Loo
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Lemniscaat, 2014   ISBN: 978-1935954354

On the last day of her vacation Mia said goodbye to the sea by going for a swim, and then she walks along the beach looking for some shells to take home with her. She finds a few treasures and then she came across some blue flipper like things, which she immediately knows have to be mermaid shoes. Mia tries them on and they fit her perfectly.

   When she gets back to the city, Mia begins to miss the sea almost at once. That night she wears her mermaid shoes to bed and her dreams “flowed with friends from the sea.” When she goes to the playground to play with her friends, Mia wears her mermaid shoes and when her friends ask her what they are she explains that she is a mermaid and the shoes are her fins. Then Tommy says that she cannot be a mermaid because she has no tail.

   Mia immediately sets about making a tail for herself using one of her mother’s old silk skirts. Now Mia looks like a true mermaid. She has a tail and lovely fins which she has decorated with a fringe and sequins. There is only one problem. To be a true mermaid Mia needs water. The sea is too far away. Will the city provide her with the watery home that she needs?

   In this delightful large format picture book we meet a little girl whose imagination allows her to turn a pair of old swimming flippers into a pair of mermaid shoes. What follows is a little adventure that takes the girl to the zoo, the aquarium, a river and several other places. The way in which the story ends will delight readers of all ages who will see how a dream can grow, and be passed on to others.