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The Magician Audio

The Magician Audio

Michael Scott
For ages 12 and up
Unabridged audiobook (CD)
Performed/read by: Erik Singer
Listening Library, 2008   ISBN: 073936491X

Just a few days ago Sophie and Josh have found out that they are not the normal teenagers that they always thought they were. They have special, magical, qualities that set them apart from other people. They have stumbled into a battle between two forces - between Nicolas Flamel and his supporters, and Dr. John Dee and his allies. Nicolas the Dee are immortals, and they both have the ability to cast spells of various kinds. Both want to have the book of Abraham, for it can be used to tip the balance of power on Earth. Should Dee get his hands on all the pages in the book, the Dark Elders will once again take over the earth.

At the moment, Dee has the precious book in his possession, except for two pages, which Nicolas has. Desperate to keep those pages safe, Nicolas, Sophie, Josh, and their warrior companion Scathach go to Paris, where Nicolas hopes they can find a place to lie low for a while. Unfortunately, Paris is Niccolo Machiavelli’s territory. He is a powerful immortal who, though he hates Dee, also wants to bring back the Dark Elders. Together Machiavelli and Dee set about the business of tracking down Nicolas and his friends.

What follows are an often terrifying series of adventures as Dee and Machiavelli chase the twins and their friends through, and under, the streets of Paris. Sophie’s powers, which were awakened in California, are truly astonishing, and Josh is eager to have his powers awakened as well. So eager is he to get this wish, that he is even willing to make a deal with one of the oldest and darkest elders of them all.

In this thrilling sequel to The Alchemyst, Michael Scott weaves together a tale that will leave the listener breathless and eager for more. Characters from the first title in the series are developed further, and we learn even more about the Dark Elders and the immortals.

Erick Singer’s narrative perfectly captures the fear and confusion that Josh and his sister experience as they try to come to terms with all the dramatic events that they are experiencing. He gives every character a distinct voice, and one soon forgets that there is only one person narrating this title.