Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

The log cabin wedding

The log cabin wedding

Ellen Howard
Illustrator:  Ronald Himler 
For ages 6 to 8
Holiday House, 0000   ISBN: 0823419894

Tomorrow it will be the first day of harvest. Elvirey’s father is proud of his corn crop, which is taller than Elvirey’s head. Pap wishes that Mam could see how wonderful the crop is, but alas Mam died and now they must manage without her.

That very day Elvirey’s brother Bub falls out of a tree and he hurts himself. With Mam dead, Granny sick, and Bub laid up with a swollen leg, Pap only has Elvirey and Sis to help him bring in all that corn. What on earth are they going to do?

Elvirey comes up with a plan; they should ask the Widow Aiken and her sons for their help. If they all work together they should be able to bring in Pap’s crop, and then they can work together to bring in the widow’s crop. What Elivrey does not plan on are the Widow Aiken’s charms, and soon she is regretting her “idee” of asking the widow for her help.

This wonderful story will not only give young readers a picture of pioneer life, but it will also show children how change can be a good thing, even if it is a little scary. Written in the vernacular of pioneer settlers, this is wonderful title for readers who are eager to read works of fiction on their own.