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The Lighthouse Keepers

The Lighthouse Keepers

Adrian McKinty
Fiction  Series
For ages 12 and up
Abrams, 2008   ISBN: 978-0810970700

Jamie and Ramsay have spent the last year living relatively ordinary lives. With the exception of Jamie’s mother and Ramsay’s brother, no one knows that the two boys have gone to an alien planet called Altair on two separate occasions. No one knows that Jamie’s new adopted “sister,” Wishaway, is actually an alien from Altair. Though Wishaway is having to learn a great deal about human history, culture, and society, she is fitting in quite well.

Then Jamie’s mother and Ramey’s brother decide to go to London for a week long vacation. Jamie’s friend from the States, Thaddeus, comes to stay with the young people. Suddenly, and with no warning, normality disappears. Jamie and Ramsay find out that archeologists have found a new wormhole-creating device and they decide to steal it before it can be destroyed. To complicate things further, a CIA assassin attacks them. Apparently, a psychic has told the CIA that Jamie will be responsible for bringing about the ending of the world, and it is decided that the only solution is to “terminate” Jamie.

To get away from the assassin, Jamie, Ramsay, Wishaway, and Thaddeus use the wormhole-creating device to transport themselves to Altair for a third time. When they get there they discover that Wishaway’s people are about to be attacked by their enemies. Once again, Jamie and his friends have to find a way to win or avert a war on an alien planet.

This final book in the Lighthouse Trilogy brings the story of Jamie, Ramsay, and Wishaway to a very satisfactory and intriguing conclusion. With plenty of action, suspense, and brilliant touches of humor, Adrian McKinty presents his readers with some thought provoking ideas that linger long after the book is read.