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The Lady Grace Mysteries: Gold

The Lady Grace Mysteries: Gold

Jan Burchett, Sara Vogler
Historical Fiction  Series
For ages 10 and up
Random House UK, 2006   ISBN: 978-0385608527

Grace's friend and fellow Maid of Honour, Penelope Knollys, is going to be getting married at the court of Queen Elizabeth in just a few days time. The whole court is in a state of upheaval as elaborate outfits are made ready and feasts are planned. The Queen is in a temper and everyone thinks it is because she is upset to be losing one of her Maids. Then word is received that a delivery of gold that the Queen is expecting is nearby. The Queen immediately cheers up and the court realizes that it was her worries about the gold that was making her so volatile.

Unfortunately her happiness is short lived for soon the court is told that a sizeable portion of the gold has been stolen, despite the fact that it was closely guarded by the Gentlemen of the Guard. How could such a thing have happened? Quickly Grace steps into her secret role as the Queen's Lady Pursuivant, eager to find out who is to blame for this extraordinary theft. It is not an easy task for she is hearing contradictory stories which simply don't make sense.

Meanwhile the day of the wedding approaches and Grace finds herself quite taken by the charming Lord Ruxbury. Handsome, dashing, a skilled horseman and dancer, Lord Ruxbury seems to be everything a young woman could want in a man. And yet Grace cannot help feeling that something about the Lord is not quite right.

This seventh book in the Lady Grace Cavendish series once again gives the reader a lively picture of what life in Queen Elizabeth's court must have been like. Certainly she could not have been an easy woman to serve with her uncertain temper, her jealousies, and her determination to control her court with a hand of iron. Grace's obvious enjoyment of life, her sharp intellect, and her sense of humour make her easy to like and identify with. This is an interesting mystery for fans of historical fiction.