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The Lady Grace Mysteries: Betrayal

The Lady Grace Mysteries: Betrayal

Patricia Finney
Historical Fiction  Series
For ages 10 and up
Random House UK, 2004   ISBN: 978-0385606455

When Queen Elizabeth I goes to view her shipyards, she takes her Maids of Honour with her, including her "Lady Pursuivant" Lady Grace Cavendish. It turns out to be quite an expedition and the party meet a couple of very dashing young sea captains who serve the queen by adventuring their way across the high seas. Soon enough several of the Maids of Honour are preening and flirting with the two captains and this often funny state of affairs continues back at court. Grace watches the activities of her fellow Maids with amusement and interest. Will one of the young ladies be able to capture the heart of the dashing Captain Drake?

Then one of the maids goes missing. Making some enquiries Grace discovers that Lady Sarah was last seen being carried onto one the ships that they only recently saw at the docks. Without too much thought Grace and her trusted friend Masou disguise themselves and board Captain Drake's vessel in search of Sarah. Will they find the missing Maid of Honour and will they be able to foil the captain's dastardly plan.

Packed with grand adventure and with frequent plot twists, this second book in the Lady Grace Mysteries will delight those who relish tales of great deeds, foiled plots, and seafaring exploits. Once again Patricia Finney paints an extraordinarily colorful and fascinating picture of the Elizabethan world.