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The Knit-it Kit for Kids

The Knit-it Kit for Kids

Jennifer Traig
Illustrator:  Caren Alpert 
For ages 8 to and up
Chronicle, 2005   ISBN: 978-0811848886

Whether you are new to knitting or have been knitting for some time, this little kit is sure to get the creative juices flowing. In a bouncy and enthusiastic ‘voice’ the author talks her readers through the basic tools, yarns, and stitches that they need to know to get started. She clearly understands how intimidating knitting can be and she seems to almost smile her way through it all; before you know it you too will be knitting up a storm. The author knows that her readers will make mistakes so she provides them with a “goof-proof guide” to help identify and fix problems. She even explains why a felted project smells like “a wet dog with B.O.”

Once you have read the book in the kit you can pick up the needles and the yarn provided and you can open up any one of the included ten project cards. The author will tell you what you need for each project and then walk you through the process from start to finish. There are cards for making a set of legwarmers, a felted tote, elf slippers, a shawl, and a pet scarf, among other things. Each project is easy to make and better still the finished project is something you will want to use or that will make a wonderful gift for someone.

This kit will give a young person an excellent introduction to the wonderful world of knitting.